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About Us

International Motion Picture Association (IMPA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a means for film artists and interested parties to safeguard ownership rights of their films through a Title Certificate (ownership) and Rights Certificate (licensing) registration platform and process before film release

Our Services

Upon receiving submitted registration forms, our IMPA legal team will review all documentation. Once the documentation standards is met, IMPA will issue a Title Certification of Ownership -signifying legal ownership.

IMPA provides an international database for IMPA members holding certifications to view all ownership details as well as network with other members.

Our Founder

Mitesh Patel is the Founder and President of Applied Art Productions, the Film Gooroo, and the Chandler International Film Festival.

Patel graduated from M.S. University with a Masters in Applied Arts. After graduating, he decided to start a business focusing on advertising and design. Later, this business developed into production, distribution, and VFX.

With his vast and varied experience, Patel continues to obtain an exceptional level of achievement and success of each production through his combination of creative solutions and management skills. Patel’s extensive knowledge is invaluable in establishing creative and professional partnerships with talented writers, directors, and producers.

Mr. Patel’s passion for the protection of films and filmmakers’ intellectual property rights drove him to start IMPA, a non-profit organization to assemble, document and certify film rights to safeguard films and artists from piracy.

Our Team

<strong>Mitesh </strong> Patel

Mitesh Patel

Founder & CEO

<strong>Mario</strong> Pineda

Mario Pineda

Chief Financial Officer

<strong>Rebecca </strong> Mance

Rebecca Mance

Head of Legal Department

<strong>Kavita </strong> Myneni

Kavita Myneni


<strong>Lee </strong> Chambers

Lee Chambers

Canada Region

<strong>Kenneth</strong> Hampton

Kenneth Hampton

Northeast Region (USA)

<strong>Bala </strong> kharuni

Bala kharuni

South India Region

<strong>Elizabeth</strong>  Cole

Elizabeth Cole

Marketing & Communications Director