How it works

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Register or Login

Click on the user menu at the top and click register link and fill out the appropriate registration form. If you have already registered then simply click on login and enter your username and password. link and log into the IMPA website. You can use the following quick links for doing the same.

Apply Certification

Once you have logged in, click the highlighted link "Apply Certification" at the top. Fill out the appropriate Certificate Registration Form. Your certification is based on your role hence, make sure you're selecting the appropriate role on in the form.

Sign & Accept Agreement

Sign the provided Acceptance Agreement (“Agreement”). The purpose of the Agreement is for the applicant to attest to providing truthful and accurate information on the Certificate Registration Form.

IMPA Legal Team Review

When IMPA receives the Agreement, Registration and any supporting documents, our legal team will review them for accuracy and legitimacy. If required, we communicate to complete the procedure.

Verify and Document

Once the information on the Registration and supporting documents have been reviewed and verified, IMPA will add the film title, ownership, credits and other rights as identified in the Registration, to the online database listing.

Receive Certificate

IMPA will provide an electronic copy of the issued Certificate to the applicant via email and will send a hard copy to be mailed to you with additional documents to the address indicated by the applicant. The Certification tag should be placed in the beginning of the film.